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HerNinjaness is the title! Ninja C the side of me you will never see!Ninja C lines.  If Ninja Attitude was a run for you with different shades of the Ninja her self Battle of The Hearts confirms her ultimate zone: Bars, Melody and Harmony!

Its best to first listen to the song below:

As the title suggests, this is an inner release track for those  aiming at achieving their relationship goals. Even those going through the hardest time in a relationship. Ninja C has always addressed (at least on her tape Ninja Attitude) a loved one letting her down, peeps around her or someone special, or the  person being a stumbling block and her affection.

Battle of The Hearts?  Plot twist though!

It’s just music right! Well this tune is deep. Ninja C takes us through the a hundred battles she is winning and the so many forces she is fighting. Depending on  how you take it: this one battle on the track that  she needs to win – is bae, to have him by her for her. In apostrophe style; she addresses a person who got her finning [wanting, longing, yearning, insert verb that is synonymous] for him.

Baru did his thing on this one. Ninja C as she discusssed with us on the NuveyLive Podcast: she mentioned she will release music when the vibe is on and guess what; The Battle of Hearts is here, her new single, love filled, sentimental and all.

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