Listen – Leumas Owabajaja on ‘Black Drums’ ft Byg Ben Sekuya

Listen – Leumas Owabajaja on ‘Black Drums’ ft Byg Ben Sekuya

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Black Drums is obviously a show off lyrical prowess and such a teaser one to Introduce us to Leusmas Owabajaja. Beat switches marked by different percussion drums and sets. Byg Ben does a great performance for this one. Welcome to Luganda meets Lumasaba, meets English to give off Ugandan Hip hop.

The two rappers introduce a new cadence (if may say) with the back to back flow on a 1:46s track. This obviously going to create thirst for more from these rappers. They demonstrate different fast paced rapping styles and boast on black drums aka African drums without mentioning.

Black Drums is an amazing statement towards fusion of Ugandan/African percussions with the modern synthetic beats. Besides the rapper-braggadocio in between Luganda (Owabajaja’s delivery) and Lumasaba (Byg Ben’s delivery); Black Drums wakes and brings energy rare found in rap lately since the beat got sloppy.

Appreciation and recognising the tom tom,  rings, cow bell, shaker and other instruments makes  Black Drums an exercising listen coupled with the energy based rhyming.

Listen to the Thatch Records and JB produced Black Drums below:

[download id=”3853″]

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