Fenrico Lugga kicks inspiration on Buwanguzi( My Victory) ft Anna

Fenrico Lugga kicks inspiration on Buwanguzi( My Victory) ft Anna

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Fenrico Lugga is among the wave of budding rappers in the land constantly growing and crafting. He was part of the Hip Hop Boot Camp Vol.3. Buwanguzi loosely translated as Victory is a new inspiring and inspiration song from Fenrico with vocal assistance from Anna. Buwanguzi adds to the list of singles he has released. It is not yet clear if he is working on a full length project.

Buwanguzi (My Victory) is a story of nothing to something. Produced at Swans Records; on it Fenrico tells his story, the hustle,  trials and tribulations he has faced. he gives a clear and inspiring narrative of how he came up to end up as a rapper and still on his journey. The song shares sentiments like those inspired by Fasie’s Olugendo – the journey always continues. Fenrico spits in Luganda, Lukiga and English giving it authenticity and intention to reach out to every one.

Akwata Empola ye ngombo ja kozesa/

Nange navudeyo  nga muyigiriza kano, From nothing to some seng — Fenrico raps in Luganda

He provides a narrative of his friend Bob, who lived in a village that poor people refereed to them as really poor. But well-being an elder in a family that needs support, Bob had to strive.  His friend made it just like Lugga did. This double narrative helps the song have much strength, centered around Fenrico and his acquaintances.  Anna’s vocals compliment the song soothingly.


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