Down On Me

If there is energy as a person then this Man of the year rapper, J- Wats is the embodiment for rap in 2017. Through out 2016 he was making impressions here and there and followed this up this year. having his long time friend-producer behind him he hopes to become Man of the…

Down On me (self explanatory), is for and about the woman.  J-Wats is energy is diversity and experimentation and perfect timing guy and Down on Me doesn’t fall short from his earlier impressions. He has The Mith to add up that affectionate and vivid profession of love for a one lover.

This is pre-baby-making music and on course too. J-Wats owns the sound crafted by Rey Macc. J offers smooth hook that The Mith lays in his verse easily given the environment well set. J – Wats and The Mith are coming for Bae with this one.

Down On Me will definitely make rounds and may be! MAY BE! become an anthem for asking bae for some.

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