Kavali King expresses “Major Pain” a C Major tribute ft. Deed

Kavali King expresses “Major Pain” a C Major tribute ft. Deed

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The C Major tribute opens with the fallen rapper in a recorded freestyle talking about several things, what’s hip hop and what young rappers like him should be doing. In the words of Deed who sings the hook, “I know you are gone but it is so soon.” is the entire sentiment on the track. C Major The Poet born Ssemujju Alexander Ronald on 11 August, 1993 who kicked the bucket on 7 March.

C Major

“Major Pain” is personal for Kavali King who shared screenshots of a conversation between him and C Major (R.I.P) in March. It was days before Major’s death. He comments on it on the song and in pain says if the people who claimed to know C Major really knew him, they should have uplifted him. It’s painful. Kavali also in apostrophe expresses what he had observed in Major’s music: pain. Despite his troubled life and a series of mental health issues, he loved music and weaving poetically.

It was said that C Major succumbed to ulcer attack and allegedly he was poisoned. The YouTube description recognises his contribution and representation of Mutungo, a Kampala suburb.

This is a Tribute Song to fallen Artist & Underground Battle Rapper,Chaotic Major (R.I.P) done by Kavali King and Deed with help from Ssent who created the link & aided with the freestyle you hear in the beginning,C-Major was a Mutungo Boy just like the the other people involved that’s why this tribute is coming from them Farewell,Lyrical Warrior May you find your Euphoria

Rest In Poetry.

All images from C Major The Poet Facebook account.

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