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Social responsibility is one of the duties that artists are tasked to play while being involved in the industry. Kim The Comic and Keinoh in a highly satirical way express the painful reality of especially an unemployed youth and unemployment at large.

I don’t have a house… I can’t pay social media tax…

The track is dedicated to all unemployed youth, those aspiring to become superstar, grind to get paid. The two take time to also comment on the newly introduced Social media tax (as of July 2018).

This goes out to all those people staying at their father’s house/who can afford fresh air at Javas House

Utters Kim

This Fleak Typed produced track is unapologetically acting a documentation of the hardships of youth struggling to make ends meet. And since the jobs are not there, the two suggest; “Mulimu Gumpe” which translates to “Give Me the job” from Luganda.

Never Give Up!

Mulimu Gumpe – Kim The Komic ft. Keinoh

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