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Tempo Music might be a new phrase to most of you. Scrum is a new track from Tempo Music’s Ledra, The Third and MAFB. Tempo Music is yet another emerging music outfit with rappers who can drop hooks as well.

For purely non sports fans;  Scrum /BrE /skrʌm//  simply means – a usually tightly packed or disorderly crowd.

(formal scrummage) a part of a rugby game when players from both sides link themselves together in a group, with their heads down, and push against the other side. The ball is then thrown between them and each side tries to get it.

Source: Oxford Dictionaries &  Merriam Webster

Scrum is a trap inspired track produced collaboratively by Ledra and Arnold of Dizzy Dust records.The three rappers talk about owning the moment and being on top of their game to a rhetorical “you”. The track is a statement for Tempo Music.

The rappers use the rugby reference as a metaphor for their foes who seem disorderly and playing back wards as for them (Tempo Music) defy the formation with their forward thinking formation.

You are in the belly of the beast and she thinking about abortion –  raps The Third.

There are so many songs about many saving the game and others not being able to. Scrum fits this theme well as Ledra, The Third and MAFB tell the imagined you how he can’t save the game because they are the supposed chosen ones.  They offer various rap styles over the laden trap beat and welcome you to the Tempo night club.

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