Listen to The Poetic Flow’s new single ‘Gold’ – [prod. Nase]

Listen to The Poetic Flow’s new single ‘Gold’ – [prod. Nase]

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‘Gold’ is the latest single from the duo, The Poetic Flow produced by Nase Avatar. The track is off their forthcoming mixtape: Poetic Flow. On this track they use gold as a symbol of all the lavish life one can expect, fame – with this they tell not all that glitters is gold.

The track is laced with poetic lines (as the duo’s brand entails), soulful synths and trap drums to give it a bouncy and yet communicative feel.  They tell stories on this track of characters who fell out with religion, suffering with the pleasures of the world. 

In it self, ‘Gold’ is a gospel and a reminder for people to live modestly not to loose themselves in the pleasure of the world. 

This track shows a lot of growth for this duo ( Emma Barristar  Elmo GB) and they weave Ateso, Acholi and English while they deliver.

Get  the project below:

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