S.T.R.A.P just released visuals for ‘Listen’ with a bonus ‘TBT’

S.T.R.A.P just released visuals for ‘Listen’ with a bonus ‘TBT’

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When you have a goal and you keep fulfilling, it is remarkable! S.T.R.A.P on his quest to roar African pride he has dropped  ‘anada’ one -the visuals for Listen which featured on our top songs of January. This single features Big Sam a rapper from Wichita where S.T.R.A.P himself is based.

listenStrap cover

S.T.R.A.P who is repin’   in the States had producers Jay Jay and Bigg Kid which names are familiar from his Oblivion and Futuristic past albums. Sights of vinyls and more to create listen  situation characterize the video and has a great appeal.  TBT which is an extra that has S.T.R.A.P in retrospect which i guess the purpose of the video being released on a Thursday to fulfill the #ThrowBackThursday Notion.

S.T.R.A.P is calculative and we expect more this year having announced his next album title- Drinks and Convo and an official single Cheers.

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