Rad Ney’s new track “Pull Up” will make you dance or mob seriously

Rad Ney’s new track “Pull Up” will make you dance or mob seriously

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It’s been long since we last heard from Rad Ney but the silence has paid off with brand new “Pull Up” a very happy and dance inspiring song.

The Christian rapper’s career is right now one we cannot box in as he is always exploring different sound inspiration. Did you listen to “Let it Out”, “Clique” and his debt “TBT”?

“Pull Up” is an anthem for those willing to share the word of God. They will pull up everywhere.

We too many you can’t stop us… We gonna preach in Banda,… We finna preach in Mbarara.

The approach to this song was so unexpected. A mixture of trap and EDM cuts make “Pull Up” a track you receive it’s message while enjoying the vibe. Rad Ney (Aka Rodney) excutes through the triplet rap style making him deliver with comfort as our new favourite Christian ‘trapper’.

The intention of choosing this sound is in the theme of the song, “men we pull up anywhere… We pull up” as Rad Ney sings. From Banda, To Mbarara, your school and party. Pull up to make Jesus cool to all masses.

Regardless of your religious affiliation, you will listen to “Pull Up” in club, radio because of the memorable hook and dance appeal the song has.

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