Santana talks OTT & current economic status on new “Emisolo”

Santana talks  OTT & current economic status on new “Emisolo”

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“Emisolo” is a very accurate documentation of Uganda over the years and now.

OTT and the related are among the recent emisolos (taxes) that are making many folks complain, riot, show, curse mothers and fathers of various politicians. And Uganda likely is making it to the least of countries whose citizens use VPNs to avoid taxes and as a rebellious action.

Using social media in 2018 within Uganda comes with an extra cost since July 1st. That cost with the cost on incurs to have data contribute to the frustration of many Ugandans.

Santana’s “Emisolo” does not fall short of the above background. Using music to express and exercise his freedom of speech he details the recent violence and excessive taxes that one has to pay as he/she makes ends meet.

Emisolo kifuse Emisolo

…and there’s nowhere to run unfortunately Santana sings. Which means for many low-income earners it is puzzling and painful state of affairs.

The trap production allows Santana to with great composure and creative stringing of lines that really allow us to see his message.

The economic times are bad that the line “…ebyensi bikyuka, ne Obote yafuga,/eyali star Kati ye curtain raiser /obusente tukola naye bwebasesa…/(Things change, even Obote once reigned/one who was a star now is a curtain raiser/as we work they scheme …) are correct in describing the uncertainty many live through.

This is undoubtedly a great come back to the creative Santana not to say he hasn’t been making creative music for a while. “Emisolo” is a career defining track which is so conscious of what is happening around us and its creative direction out of cautiousness allows it to succeed in communicating.

Well done Santana!

Switches on VPN to keep up with Santana.

Download the track below:

[audiomack src=””]

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