AUDIO ALERT: Scream Remix – Benny Black produced by Stone Town

Scream Remix

Scream the remix is a revamp still performed by Benny Black, and produced by Stone Town. Stone Town re-fixes this tune with a sample inspired approach giving the song a new feel and energy. The original version of Scream is less hippy as compared to this one. More energy is on this one as Benny raps off the dedication and outstanding qualities he possess.

The hook about Martin having a dream is still maintained but supported with more sound effects. Stone Town and the love of samples day by day is proved; Scream is no exception!  It is an uplifting song; Benny preaches productivity/ creativity,  dreaming and following dreams.  This remix comes off well, Stone Town manages to flip it to a more rejuvenated sound.

PS: The original song Scream was released in 2013. Download the Revamp Below:

[download id=”2986″]


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