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Konka! We do the rhyme and we conquer

Jk Lubanto is a rapper to watch out for. Konka is his latest single off his album Rhyme Zigaaye. His style and approach is so distinct to him with a little influence from his crew 2 Bad Entertainment. The production for this track was done by Nase Avatar at PortBell Drive Music.

Konka is a play on the word conquer and the Rukiga-Ruyankole word Konka (for any way). It is a self assurance song, emphasizing the need to offer bars. Despite everything JK is determined, konka to conquer. On a Afro Beat, Afro-Hip Hop inspired beat, JK Lubanto spits eloquently in a manner that provokes us to stay tuned to him. He utilizes the Hashtag rapping style – where the metaphor or image is said with emphasis at the end of a line.

Mbaabuuzawo – Aine!

Pop bottles pon the land, feeling aerie

Mbaabuuzawo – Aine!

The song provokes dance moves and rewind thoughts  and it simply sinks in as JK goes easy with the flow. Groovy is the word! He doesn’t live out the acceptable rapper braggadocio, representing Don MC’s, 2 Bad Entertainment  – he is one to watch out for this year.


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