Young Elder is STRAP’s fourth album that he has long been teasing through tweets and singles plus a video. A year is never fully complete in one way or another when it comes to full length releases – unless STRAP drops a project.

Since ’14 up to now STRAP has been releasing album after album with heat that an emoji might not help fathom.

Young Elder is a grown man talk of sorts that comes after Drinks and Conversation which paved way for this ‘aging’ STRAP. The man needs no approval his projects have been solid and as a diaspora artist he has always represented UG and Coming Of Age sets that in motion.

Kid from Zion so profound like a: old wise man — spits STRAP

STRAP has the most fan on this project, not caring what your opinion is – unapologetic and yet still manages to inform and entertain.

The project is a nine track album. Apparently Young Elder hasn’t been uploaded anywhere else except his website for now it is available for streaming.

UPDATE: You can also stream it via Soundcloud below:

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