The ‘Broads’ in Ntinda (NTM) release visuals for their Panda Remix/NTINDA

If PANDA was an infectious disease most of the people in the world especially the online community would be infected or suffering the consequences of its existence. Panda, which is originally done by American Rapper Desiigner got popular all over the world having rappers remix it, cover it even throw jokes at it. But it’s […]


H.A.B.O drops Visuals for M.O.N.A (Minister Of Nocturnal Affairs) title track

Ntinda must be proud of its very own H.A.B.O (also written as HABO) upon this release of M.O.N.A. After a successful year for the Ntinda Movement best known as NTM and also Ntinda rappers who are not so affiliated to the concrete movement, NTM. The power balance obviously was snatched from Rubaga for the whole […]


Episode 4 HUL | NuveyLIVE Podcast: Shemy B tallks Street Identiy, Beef, rap battles and more

On this Episode I  hosted SHEMY B on the show to talk about his Album STREET IDENTITY and the successful events that came out of it. He also talks about beef his remarks will interest you, rap battles and a highlight of his next album, not to forget his merchandise. I had a great time talking […]


Watch “NTM CYPHER 2015” Video

As the Cypher Fever is upon us we are faced with one of the richest months of hiphop this year. Just about two weeks from the UG cypher 2, that some didnt really weigh on the scale due to thorough annticipation non the less The NTM 2015 is out. It features Pryce Teeba, MickeySolo, H.A.B.O […]

HIP HOP NuveyLive Presents Podcast

NuveyLive Presents Episode 1 -What do You think of Ugandan Hip Hop?

Well on this Episode, I featured Voice notes from Ajo a (Ugandan Rapper), Raz Annonymous(rapper), Josephine(hip-hop enthusiast) and went a head to discuss Ugandan Hip Hop’s position. Its 2015 and we now Have Navio, GNL, Abramz, Lyrical GmC as one Faction on one Side and there is on the other Faction: TuckerHd, TimothyCode, Jayarc, Patrobas, BlizLog, Ajo. Not […]