Watch “NTM CYPHER 2015” Video

Watch “NTM CYPHER 2015” Video

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As the Cypher Fever is upon us we are faced with one of the richest months of hiphop this year. Just about two weeks from the UG cypher 2, that some didnt really weigh on the scale due to thorough annticipation non the less The NTM 2015 is out. It features Pryce Teeba, MickeySolo, H.A.B.O , Misfit, Bemba Music and SliqTeq. It is a great initiative of these Ntinda Rappers under the umbrella Ntinda Movement (NTM).

It should be noted that it isnt a counter response to the Ug Cypher 2 as some controversy had been bred and speculated. It could have been recorded prior to the Ug Cypher 2. Though you will see a difference in delivery, content and more which this Cypher sought to show case.
I cant wait for another town to drop another cypher.

One thing we ought not to forget Lumix(R.i.p) is tributed who is a founding member of valley curve Records and an inspiration to many rappers from Ntinda and more. A mentor as well.


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