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NTM resurface with new “Enkovu” / Kovu Challenge

NTM /Ntinda Movement artists Pryce Teeba, Mickey Solow and Mickey Solo have teamed up on new “Enkovu” to tell us that they are the best that are doing it in this thing called rap. In Kenya “Kovu Challenge” has been trending that Khaligraph Jones and other Kenyan artists where spazzing, like it was the rap(o)lympics.

The three rappers offer us an impressive UG feel to this Kenyan challenge. “Enkovu” is the latest we have listened from NTM as a collective so far, which is andimirable music awareness in the EA.

Listen to the track here:

Who killed it ?


Watch Mickey SoLow’s “143” official video now

“143” has an official Video. Mickey So-Low, one half of PIF is undoubtedly not dropping the ball for his solo career with the tremendous work that he is pushing and crafting.

Christopher Kobel made yet another visual impression for Mickey SoLow. The Google Beats produced and J45 mastered track is one catchy and Rich project that will soon be seen on your TV.

Chris always goes for minimalist but important cuts and within the frame details and “143” works out with simply Mickey and a vixen at one location but with various rich. scenes

Watch 143 below and download audio:

Like the visual, get audio here now.


Mickey SoLo has released ‘King’ off his forthcoming tape

King is a fresh release from Mickey SoLo off his forthcoming mixatape CC. It has been about a year since he released an individual track.

Earlier on this year Habo a fellow NTM member dropped his EP, Love The Trap and SoLo had a verse on Foreign – that is the closest we had heard from Mickey. King is a new version of Mickey as he raps in both Nubi, English and Arabic.

The single is released under Mona House, a studio based in Ntinda that most NTM members make most of their projects. It was also home to Sliq Teq who apparently left the group.

Mickey hasn’t confirmed what CC stands for and when the tape would be released. For now get the audio below as we wait:

King – Mickey Solo