The art of Storytelling: Top 2017 UG Hip Hop Stories

The art of Storytelling: Top 2017 UG Hip Hop Stories

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Stories connect us, stories build us, stories build us and we are a story! If you agree then you know the deal. 2017 was an amazing year that we will remember in one way or another by certainly telling stories about the gone year.

Hip Hop for decades has always been synonymous with stories and thus the art of story telling in the culture is valued. St Nelly Sade knows that, it is no coincidence he crowned himself a storyteller, the best to be exact. He has an album title Stories of Elevation.

We all tell stories in one way or another using different media and Hip hop has always been an outlet and vessel to tell these stories.

I challenged myself to listen to lots of music to come up with a list of tracks that told amazing stories both hypothetically and realistically.

The order might matter we simply want to appreciate the artists who still value telling stories.

  • Musege (DopeMan  Remix) – Pryce Teeba. This was a similar situation that Pryce told and offered advise. Mr Kasirye, met a girl who he took to his hood and she ended up robbing him of all his belongings:  Jordan Sneakers, Rolex watch and even the Rolex we eat. Was so surreal!


  • Gone – Mickey Solow. Mickey SoLow has attempted narration before on tracks like Pray, on Gone  he tells of his unrequitted love. His girl who apparently left him, we get to know what he feels and can’t stand imagining his lady in another man’s bed.


  • Trouble – Payne Keelah. Leaving love alone, Payne Keelah’s Trouble is a collection of child hood stories any average Ugandan must have experienced. The posh and beans time, to getting your pants torn just because sliding down the ant hills is fan – Payne Keelah told a wonderful story.


  • My Life – Brooks ft Rix. This entry was recorded in 2016 but released in 2017. My Life has Brooks tell the ordeal of growing up with a step mom, loosing sisters and more. The notion of persisting is echoed on this track.
  • Bottom – Ledra ft MAFB x The Third.  This is one of those hypothetical stories that require both your music ear to follow the tales of the three rappers. We all have or are on the wave of starting from the bottom. MAFB narrates his journey more articulately: coming from rapping in  the dorm room with Ledra to working with him as Tempo Music.


  • K.S.L – Phaze. This entry is off Highly Frustrated Mixtape by Phaze. He is a new name of sorts and on this track he talks about coming from K.S.L. A place likely abbreviated. Growing up in the hood, knowing God, getting your first good girl is quite an experience that whole happened in K.S.L.


  • Wilder – Josh SB ft Ginsu. Ginsu went off the radar at some point and according to a rumour, she went of Malika. It is apparent she got back to her fit deeper in faith. Wilder sees her give testimony of being brought from the wilder.
  • Abaana Bano – Mulekwa. Well this was a diss track but with it Mulekwa gave us a quick history lesson of UG Hip Hop and a little story of how he was being swagger jacked by St Nelly Sade. We enjoy his descriptions and telling.


  • Flair – Ledra ft. MAFB. Did you know Atlas wanted to sign MAFB on ATS (African Trap Stars)? Flair is a bonus on this list we thought we would add.


  • Black Soul – Phaze. Being broke, young, graduated and no job, all on one track is what Black Soul spews. Phaze takes us between different worlds or state of mind. From the broke and desperate self, to the I wish I was this or that state. He also transitions to the  i need to make it self .

Do you have any tracks that you loved because of the story tell us about it  in the comment section below:

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