‘Strive and Prosper’ a Message from My Life – Brooks Aftermath ft Riks

‘Strive and Prosper’ a Message from My Life – Brooks Aftermath ft Riks

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My Life is that song that will first give you chills, realisation and motivation at the end of the day.


Brooks Aftermath, President Flow Dynasty ( a hip hop collective) teamed up with Riks to give off this touching story in the track titled My Life. It is a story dedicated to all those who have lost something. Brooks shares his childhood being raised by a step mother who treated him bad. He ponders on the track: what if he had a step dad. Riks complements this song with the soothing hook filling in the gaps for Brooks.

What if they never gave birth to me?

Besides having lost sisters as he states it: “Emmy and Brenda girls still I miss ya” he is aware of this life that wants him six feet under – which is a metaphor for death. One would wonder! The song is inspired by soulful vibes Produced by M Rix  of  Amplified records. This is actually a real life  story; these are things Brooks has lived through. He shared with us that he was raised by a step mom and the like. There is a reason why everyone is alive and Brooks with this song embraces life because you have to live through it.

Actually its a real life story that I put out in a song. Living that miserable life when you ain’t got a job and you having a step mom. It’s for these kids that go through that kind of life…  I have come from a long way, life has not been good. But What I know is that this is a chapter of my life. Every thing is gonna be [Alright]. That’s in the chorus. So it’s just a real life story.

Brooks Shared

But this life is a test and Brooks / BA is hoping to do whatever it takes. Thats when it hits you that this story is not some incomplete message to swallow down. Brooks assisted by Riks on the chorus he ascertains that everything is going to be alright. He raps over laid back percussion and strings and synths mild pushed back to enable him vocally state his story. Riks sings a Luganda hook talking about the journey of hard knocks and the future not so certain – but one has to keep moving.

We asked him on what makes him so inspired to make music that addressed social issues like what he shares and laid it down this way:

I think I love to tell such kind of stories. [cause]  I like doing more inspirational sounds. Real life stuff than doing songs about swag [stunting]  money you know. I love doing real life songs. Some thing like that


We commend Brooks for the amazing story and desire to stick to message. At a time when many youth are depressed, have no jobs, violence, extremism, crime – My Life shines a light on striving and says there is hope.  On April 1st we had our event TPPM to celebrate therapy through music and Brooks’ My Life is soothing, therapy and a weight off his chest.



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