Bonaventure256 releases ‘Numbers’- a track to get you inspired

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Numbers is the freshest release from Bonaventure256, a 21-year-old rapper. He delivers a number of motivating lines on this new track just to offer us inspiration in the new year.

The trap beat charged production was done  by Obby Yege Yege of Obby Records.  The deep voice Bonaventure spews heavy and heartfelt lyrics like he was a pastor but he claims – it is from experience.

A new year deserves a motivational track certainly and Numbers looks at what it means to be successful, how to be and what bars one from achieving it. He explains this in a press kit we recieved below:

Numbers paints a picture of how success is measured from my early childhood to date – in a typical African setting, and how that has influenced my thinking. At the same time, it’s aimed to motivate the listener to be the best version of themselves without ceasing to defeat.


Numbers is matter and substance on a sound is marginalized, which proves his ability to craft meaningful music. This is an anthem for those who believe that hard-work pays and those willing to make themselves better.

Listen to the track or download below:

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