Sayanide & Caution team up on ‘Kiwani’ – a tale about notorious Kampala girls

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What’s a fat butt that don’t shake?” – asks Uneek on V.I.P a track off Road To CGOD. And his answer is ” Nothing!”. If you are reading this then you are glad to know what Sayanide and Omulenzi caution would call it: Kiwani.

On a Stone Town produced beat; Sayanide and Caution tell a tale of Kampala girls who go through extremes to package themselves into something they are not – Kiwani right?. Sayanide documents a one time experience with a lady who happened to have butt enhancers as he is going intimate he discovers its a big butt that don’t shake. The lady/woman simply had enhanced her butt and further her breasts to likely seem appealing.

Mbaade mpewette bbiina, naye nsiseyo ki mpamba  [I was caressing her butt but now I found a spongy made butt]- raps Sayanide.

On the other hand, Caution’s experience is with a one beautiful on the outside woman whose character is alarming. She is a typical slay queen who he later tells to back off when he find out she is a prostitute in Ntinda. She definitely had lied to him.

The two revive the time Mon Mc had dropped Stella, Mulekwa with Ebikolwa Byange. The story is an addition to the narrative of Kampala and the rest of the urban areas – on knowing self. The extremes and sophistication females get through to make it through.

Sayanide’s lean but articulate voice gives the vibe on this song a sarcasm and humor inspired feel and caution goes bouncy and mean spirited to show their disappointment with Kampala girls.  The instrumental is bouncy with a slowed boom bap drum pattern accompanied by a grand piano to give it a dramatic feel.

Stone Town’s soundcloud offers a precise description of the story:

Sayanide and Omulenzi Caution take you on a trip as they narrate stories about some notorious Kampala girls they had a chance to mingle with. Both rappers tell their sides of the story in the native language, Luganda – Lugaflow.
Could this actually be a true story?

Luaganda speaker will have a more entertaining feel with Kiwani.

Listen below and tell us if you think the two rappers are good storytellers.

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