Bibala - JK Lubanto
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The Bibala video will be out on Friday 25th August. The Afro beat – hip hop inspired truck has had a massive appeal ever since its release a few months ago. JK Lubanto continues to slide smoothly in to the lime light and major hip hop circles with his distinct style and sound.
He chose to do the visual for Bibala even when he released alongside it another remarkable track, Bantya.  This implies his understanding of what the effect Bibala has.The  track woven around fruit references as metaphors to describing a woman’s endowment. 
You look so ripe I wanna take a bite of your Bibala/ Mummy you look so fresh, njagala kulya kubibala
Here is a really sneak peek into what the visual might look like.
According to Jk, video is shot by Ken Heights of Heights montage and it is only four days till the video drops.
Download Bibala below off the forthcoming album Rhyme Zigaye:
[download id=”3716″]

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