The ‘Broads’ in Ntinda (NTM) release visuals for their Panda Remix/NTINDA

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If PANDA was an infectious disease most of the people in the world especially the online community would be infected or suffering the consequences of its existence. Panda, which is originally done by American Rapper Desiigner got popular all over the world having rappers remix it, cover it even throw jokes at it. But it’s a song matter of fact hip hop song that has had discussions crop up about the wave of new rappers all over the world.

Ntinda’s NTM was too quick to jump on the wave to join other artists all over the world.Ntinda Movement / NTM, which; as many say is a  vibrant rap crew, group, movement (still don’t know what to limit it too) did their  version and named it NTINDA.

I hadn’t been hooked to the PANDA infection many had till I heard NTM’s Panda which;  has HABO, Pryce Teeba, Mickey Solow & Bemba dropping bars to represent Ntinda. Shot in various locations in Ntinda, the video is an average endeavor good enough to create the essence of hood representation.

As the self acclaimed Ntinda representatives they have more to show as a group  and as they narrow down to a sound they want us to gravitate too from them. As they show their love for Ntinda it seems like they Surpassed Llybocs’

Watch Video Here:

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