[New Mixtape]:Femcees Ruling Mixtape (Women’s Day Tape)-Free Download

Before i go into further detail, Do You think UG Femcees have been Recognized? I will let you ponder on that! That being said Happy Women’s Day to all of you reading and supporting our work here. We have compiled a mixtape that features almost all the best of Female rappers ( Lady Slyke, Keko,Tushi […]


Ugandan Female Rappers: Have they Been Recognised?

Uganda  embraced the hip hop Culture about 15 plus years ago and honestly speaking it has been for a long time a male dominated Genre and Culture. Despite the emergency of Hip hop cliques, groups and Gangs* as some call them, that boasted of some nice and lyrically reach Female rappers or FemCees as they are […]


#NewMusic:Stream Pretty Gals-Race T ft Zabuli x M.C Loy &Lady Bezo(Free Download)

As  promised by Race T, Pretty Gals is finally out and free to download. This amazing collabloration of four femcees, Race T, Zabuli, MC Loy and Lady Bezo is a sure win for femcees at large. We end the year atleast with one positive song from four female rappers. Pretty Gals produced by Joe Beats […]


#PrettyFemceesWinAgain:Race.T to release Pretty Gals ft Zabuli x M.C Loy & Lady Bezo

            (Pretty gals cover art) Nothing is very intriguing like when femcees team up to make a project together. If you share the same optimism with me you just about to be served by the AMAZING  pretty gal Race T together with other pretty gals. Race T took to her social media pages announcing the […]

HIP HOP NuveyLive Presents Podcast

NuveyLive Presents Episode 1 -What do You think of Ugandan Hip Hop?

Well on this Episode, I featured Voice notes from Ajo a (Ugandan Rapper), Raz Annonymous(rapper), Josephine(hip-hop enthusiast) and went a head to discuss Ugandan Hip Hop’s position. Its 2015 and we now Have Navio, GNL, Abramz, Lyrical GmC as one Faction on one Side and there is on the other Faction: TuckerHd, TimothyCode, Jayarc, Patrobas, BlizLog, Ajo. Not […]