The Homie offers “Waragi” featuring Dero

The Homie offers “Waragi” featuring Dero

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The Homie is back at it with “Waragi“, another alcohol themed song following “Chupa Ya Beer” on which he features alongside Zulanda, The Homie, King Hanny, Raa, Yese Oman Rafiki, Henry Cole, and YadiFuture.

“Waragi” in similar vain is in praise of quality gin regardless the brand and captures that cheers and celebratory mood.

The Homie raps “My Waragi is better than yours…” stating a certain passion for the drink. The rapper seemingly has doubled down on the heavy lyrical content for this one to give off a chill cross over feel. He teams up with producer and singer Dero.

Want to have a good time here is one to add to your playlist.

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