The power of artist collaboration – six reasons

The power of artist collaboration  –  six reasons

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We all know collaboration or collabo is expected within all spheres including; music and art. All good artistic/musical work  has a story of collaboration in most cases. Lets set aside  alone rappers or singers working on a song together; it also entails playing instruments, brainstorming with people around: Thinking through concepts, sharing them with trusted people and teams. Did you know Steve Jean as a producer helped to diversify Kadongo Kamu? See Dole Yo Mwana.

This year we have witnessed several projects out of collaborations like  My Own Way (J Watts), I Feel Yo Pain and others. Not to forget Ebikkadde Mu Bipya, Afroppuccino  and The New Wave series. All the references I have just made are simply EPs and LPs because in most cases collaborations we have happen to be between a rapper and a rapper but the examples above include; Producer-rapper, rapper/producer-rapper collaborations.

Papa Chase Stonetown and Trip Music put this project together production wise. Payne Keelah even raps about their long time history on Walk

We also have incidences where a team of like five work on one track; an engineer, producer, rapper, instrumentalist and the like.
There are talented artists (including DJs, rappers, producers) who might do everything on their own however there are some reasons why others choose to go out of their means. See why below.

The New Wave is a collaborative project between Baru and Delboy. On Chapter 3 they feature various artists.
  1. For diversity; various collaborators can add flavour and different influences to a piece of work.
  2. Inspiration and looking for new concepts
  3. When they can’t do it better; they get a person who can do better
  4. Social effect; allowing your work to travel easily
  5. Many hands can help move a mountain that requires numbers.
  6. To get sincere opinions and make professional decisions.
    Those are just about some of the key reasons why artists need/collaborate. Know anything we left out, tell us what you think?

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