Blixxack formerly Benny Black has finally released Afroppuccino

Blixxack formerly Benny Black has finally released  Afroppuccino

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Early on this year Blixxack  dropped several singles that got us wondering the creative state of mind he was in. He gave us hints of the forthcoming album Afroppuccino then; today 25 February it is officially out on his birthday.

With a fan base that was growing, he got more with the release of WYK a track that explores depression and mental health in general. Afroppuccino is a seemingly personal project that allowed Benny to do what he loves at the moment without trying to prove a point.

In an interview via The Tribe Ug ; he revealed that he was moving out of the rap box.

Afroppuccino is different because I went into it just wanting to make songs I would enjoy, songs my little sister could listen to and play for her friends, music that just felt good and authentic. I am also more or less an open book now. I talk about my experiences with situations like depression, questioning my (religious) faith, dealing with loss, and many more topics that most rappers I know would rather not touch…to safeguard their “street cred”. And finally, on this project, I got myself out of the “rap box” that I had let people put me in. I experiment with a lot of singing, using afrobeat inspired instrumentals, messing around with various vocal effects, and making music that I can dance and party to.

Besides the name change Blixxack on Afroppuccino, he was re-branding, repurposing his creative self and exploring all available creative juices. We witnessed all this on tracks like Plain Jane, WYK, The Proem and recently Queen.

Afroppuccino is a sixteen track album with notable features like Pryce Teeba, Mal X and Tucker HD.

Afroppuccino Track list

On this album; we expect to listen to a touch of African instruments, RnB, rap  and trap inspired music.

The album is available for streaming on all major streaming services and physical copies are available in Uganda at the Keek Store.

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