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New acts keep budding; The Drug Sesanga is among the brooding rappers out there aiming at contributing to the genre all ways. CHAPA  is his latest project on wich he features M.O.V. The Drug has had his music featured on Nes Stanely short film Time Irreversible alongside Mal X’s.

Chapa is a Luganda/ Swahili street slang for working. The Drug takes advantage of this word and put together a 2017 hustler anthem. He raps both in Luganda and English and M.O.V blends English, Luganda and Lunyakole.

The Drug introduces to us the new rapper M.O.V who does justice to the The Drug   produced track and mixed by Rickson. Interestingly they reference to common quick and hustler known food; rolex and kikomando. What the kasa buddo  (SHS 1,500 ) can do  is mighty right?


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