Vibes Out The East: Navio drops Sixth studio album

Vibes Out The East: Navio drops Sixth studio album

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Navio has been in the industry for almost two decades as Klear Kut and a solo artist. He has officially released the long awaited album, Vibes Out The East which has been popularized as VOTE  #VOTE .

The east African themed album has vibes (moods) for his fans.

The album is more in tune with the groove / dance culture much as there are different themes that push for a laid back feel.

#VOTE is a 17 tracks album with features artistes from the late Elly Wamala , The Mith, Pylo,  Pryce Teeba , Flex D’Paper, Lagum The Rapper The Homie, Stogie T (South Africa), Ben Sol (Kenya) Nviri The Storyteller (Kenya), Lilian Mbabazi, Shena Skies, Bandalle, Tyra Chantey (Uganda-Sweden) and others.

“Raha”, “Rare” and the recently released “Tukolele” are the singles we released off the LP.

The album is dedicated to Henry Kamuntu who recently passed away, a close Navio associate revealed.

Dive into the album below // On other platforms and enjoy the vibes!

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