VIDEO: Triggah wants to eat on “Kyoyoya”


Looking at your body is making
Me wanna eat

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Sex really!

“Kyoyoya” is the latest visual from Triggah who weeks ago teased the song in a diss song to Judah Rap Knowledge.

The song explores sensual pleasures that Triggah is willing to give his woman. The Afro beats, singing leaning song was produced in part by Ledra and Bomba Made my Beat.

Triggah opens the son with raunchy lines: Looking at your body is making Me wanna eat Deep inside your body is Where am willing to reach – there’s no other signal needed. He is weilling to do anything for his lady, when she crazes.

The visual is centered in a house, bedroom with Triggah being teased and him showing he has the time of the day to pipe her.

Watch below:

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