Triggah to Judah Rap Knowledge: Imaginary Crowns turning you into a Clown on “30 Silver Coins (Judas is dead)”

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Triggah was pressed online and took it to the studio after having exchange with Judah Rap Knowledge’s affiliates about the “Who is the King” claims.

Judah released his latest song dissing Ugandan Rappers and crowned himself king of this rap thing. So many were not impressed by his “antics” and Ruyonga as we reported had responded with the “Traitor DNA” freestyle.


Triggah has been exchanging shots with the Soulz of Africa camp via Twitter. He is the second to voice disappointment. He pulled up popular diss song “Hit them Up” instrumental to express himself.

Triggah says Judah has imaginary crowns that are turning him into a clown. With his 10 years in the game according to him, Judah is still upcoming, weak with the pen and begging for fame.

Watch the 1 minute clip below let us know what you think:

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