“Who’s the King” – Judah RapKnowledge asks

“Who’s the King” – Judah RapKnowledge asks

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Judah Rap Knowledge has come out to address a number of Ugandan rappers including the UGHipHopAwards .

In his newly released song “Who Is the King” produced by Giddy Beats, he name drops a number of rappers by way of dissing like calling Ruyonga simply a church boy, Recho Rey better off as a stripper and even saying Byg Ben’s Most Wanted was trash. (He didn’t specify which one).

He goes a head to say Lyrical is nice and looks like he gave Play01 a second spin. The years long refusal of Fik Fameica as hip hop also surfaces. It as if this project was also strategically intended to be released immediately after the UG Hip Hop Awards.

According to Judah rappers these days “ain’t sh+” which is ironic after an even that celebrated Ugandan Hip Hop.

He also welcomes anyone who wants (rap) war with him.

By press time, Ruyonga had responded to this supposed diss song. Watch here

Is Judah clout chasing? Is he following up his “Ambiguous thoughts” but now focusing much on Uganda?

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