Spoken Word artiste of the year in the Vine Awards 2022 Wake, has released new song “Muvule” celebrating his birth day. On the new project he features 1Der JR.

Muvule is a Luganda name for the Milicia excelsa tree (plant) that often grows above 50 meters plus and has a wide bark that makes it so firm. Wake and JR make a reference to this, as they are walking in the light path, with the Father they are firm like a Muvule tree.

Wake employs his production skills and doubles as both producer and rapper. He fuses African instruments and EDM to present his distinct rap sound. The visual was directed by Agaba. Mwana Weika aka Wake deserves all the praise like 1Der JR; he has consistently worked so hard for years and this new song is a gift for us to unw(r)ap enjoy it below.


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