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Watch Alvin and 1Der JR have fun in “Tonvuga Speed” visual

“Tonvuga Speed” is a variation of the popular slogan “onvuga speed” that many people in Kampala have grown to use. Normally, the statement is used to comment on events or situations that have haven’t or when someone seems to be ahead or intending to hoodwink another. “Tonvuga Speed” stars Alvin and 1Der JR. The visual impression was shot at Net Studios Africa.

Watch below:


Alvin, 1Der Jr and Awesome hopeful on “BRAND NEW DAY” – Watch

We all look forward to a fresh start In life, with so much hope. “Brand New Day” brings that optimism and promise for new beginnings. Alvin, 1 Der Jr and Awesome with so much delight deliver positive vibes on “Brand New Day”.

Watch video below: