1Der Jr is releasing New Music almost every week: Listen to new “Gundogan” and “Drive Me Crazy”

1Der Jr is releasing New Music almost every week: Listen to new “Gundogan” and “Drive Me Crazy”

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1Der JR is dropping projects frequently and this is owed to the digital age we live in. The digital age makes music distribution easier for many Artistes. The game changed, physical copies are demanded at a very low level – of not all. Artistes like A Pass utilisted the flooding technique to blow up. 1Der JR is building so much buzz with the continuos releases.

In a space of about two months he has released a single almost weekly. He is ensuring that visuals are also following the singles. On some songs he is featured for instance on “Brand New Day”, on others he is riding solo. “Lisaach” , “Tonvuga Speed”, until recently “Gundogan” dropped last week with a visual.

“Drive Me Crazy” is yet another release this week on which he features alongside Alvin,and Jomo Sax. Ever since the year opened with “Save My Soul” 1Der is appearing on projects here and there which is not a usual feat. This move is helping generate views and buzz for his music.
Him embracing visual driven release is impressive for the “Drogba” rapper.

With each track a distinct sound is promised.

In the streaming era, releasing as much quality projects is advised for a potential of making some money and also introducing yourself to new potential fans while sustaining the attention of current ones. It is safe to say the flood is helping 1Der JR.

Listen to new “Drive Me Crazy” below:

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