“Muntu” – 1Der JR expects some Nabanja ka money, pushes for Ubuntu

1Der JR’s “Muntu” sends good vibes, hope as much as it exposes societal vices.

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1Der JR is back with another one. He is giving us no room sleep 2021 with constant releases. “Muntu” is his latest drill vibe. The rapper has continuously been exploring with different sounds all through this year regardless whether it is a feature or a project alone.

2021 is literally the year of 1Der JR. On “Muntu” he pushes forward for Ubuntu and the need to improve the human condition. All the problems of the world affect everyone and thus people should support each other.

Like many of his releases this year, “Muntu” has recent stories like the government money most people are waiting for through Hon. Min. Nabajanja, Mr Update Hon. Muhamed Segirinya, Team No Sleep singer Kabako and other mentions. It sounds more like a freestyle session, the simplicity is effective. 1Der on this one isn’t trying so much, it feels like routine obligation that had to be achieved.

“Muntu” sends good vibes, hope as much as it exposes societal vices.



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