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Wins is Lagum’s new single and on this he features Tucker HD. The two have an amazing energy every time they work together. They bring the heat! Win is yet another impressive one that is an inclination to melody and dense hitting drums. The song has Lagum doing the hook quite vibrantly and so does Tucker on his verse.

Wins is groovy and evokes one to replay it in an attempt to re-live the moment it creates. The song reminds us of that Lyriczzz self (Lagum) on 1Hunnid featuring Ruyonga and Tucker. Only that here the tempo is slowed up a bit. The duo structure Wins in away that is conversational- as they reaffirm the strides to success vocally and humbly.

The track is a memorable performance, though some what toned down for the sake of enjoyment. Rich in balanced melody and catchy lines backed by the filling of synths,  a fronting snare and bass. The impact  of this approach is quite daring and they pull it off precisely – we  hunger for more!

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