Bantu Clan finally release ‘Wocha’ ft JAQ Deweyi & Tushi Polo

Bantu Clan finally release ‘Wocha’  ft JAQ Deweyi & Tushi Polo

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Bantu clan has been going through a number of redefinition, revamp of their brand and so much on especially as regards sound, operations. The Song Wocha has been promoted for a while and now finally it is out. The online and radio release is on today. The song has Bantu Clan ( Bantu Chimey ) featuring the Kyiina  Singer JAQ Deweyi and the Bitter Past artist -Tushi Polo.

WOCHA In a Bit

“Wocha is love story about a who in search of a better life leaves  town. When he returns, not only has he lost the little he left behind, but he has lost his many lovers too. What does he do? He goes back to them one by one but none of them wants to listen to what he has to say, much as he tries to convince them that he had to do what he had to do so they could have a better future…” Bantu Clan Press  info.  The song written by Buka Chimey, JAQ, Tushi Polo and Kendie Kudzie tells a tale of a person going so long and coming back when every one who once treasured him has moved on.

Cuddling and hugging, the kissing i wanted for you and me, you just gave it to another,

Call me baby like fwaa and want me to crawl back excuse me, ompise kaliga??

And now,

You think you can back, —– Tushi Assures

Wocha is Produced and Mixed by Mukalazi David, mastered by Mukalazi David and Rasto Pro at Bantu Productions. It is an Afro beat/sooul/rnb inspired song with verses laid down in rap. Tushi opens with her verse after a sensational hook from Deweyi. Buka does the second verse in Lusoga giving the track a more indigenous appeal. Buko Bright‘s rhythm guitar is the perfect backdrop for this song to give it the soothing appeal.


I don’t get it

You was my first

Now am gone


Wabuya yo…

Go to your mama

Natulawo …….

                                                 Wocha…….  —      JAQ Deweyi Verse III

Download Now here

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