5 UG Hip hop themed Gifts to Get for your loved ones this festive season

5  UG Hip hop themed Gifts to Get for your loved ones this festive season

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December if you asked me, came real quick! As for Tempo Music, November Came Late – does it matter now that we are in the last month of the year? One word: FESTIVE, is in more rotation.

The holidays have come and many will take a break off work or even work less as away to enjoy the festive season. Shopping always comes in handy and for hip hop heads you might wonder how you can gift your loved ones – we got you!

Our list is a really short one which is inspired by all Ugandan Hip Hop themed products. N.B. This is not a paid post, we truly put together what we thought is worthy.

Now dive in:

  • Physical copy of an album or mixtape

Early on this year Big Sam dropped an album, Tutambula Nabitambula. AJO dropped his No Apologies EP last year and just like Big Sam made copies available. Flex has his Not For Sale out for sale as well. Jinja Bred is yet another gift you could give to your loved one. It all depends on the type of hip hop or sub-genre the person listens to and yes it is important you got them a physical copy.

Not For Sale
Not For Sale CD Cover
Jinja Bred
Jinja Bred Cover Art, EP is available
  • Sweat shirt/Hoodie/Jackets

Rapaholix Wear, Sylvester and Abramz branded hoodies and sweat shirts are readily available at their different stores. It tends to get cold in December and if your loved ones are out of the country, likely living in Europe or the States – a hoodie would be great.

Be inspired by the pipo in the game learn from them everybody is a stepping stone.#hiphop #entrepreneur #hangon #lemerako#kyendikyendi #friendshipgoals #mentor @sylvesterhiphop ??? shot my me??

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RapaHolix Hoodie
  • Tees

You wish to see them dress up and look hippy? The options are so many. If you got them a Ziva Muntuyo tee last year, a nice Hakuna Stress tee also comes in handy. See the types of tees they wear; do they like African motifs on them? Are they the statement type?  In our shop we have some Tees that you might like.

A fan clad in one Hakuna Stress tee by Emsi Kijana
  • A device

Now this entry gets tricky depending on who it is  recieving the gift. Your loved one may be forever thankful if you got them a simple device electronic or not that they may use. For example you may get your music producer friend or family member a wireless key board or mouse. You could check out his work space and likely get him a new Mic or something. The purpose is to express your love and also add utility to his or her work space. A new pair of headphones or even a Mic stand – be creative too!

  • Buy them a ticket – especially to the second UG Hip Hop Awards

Some things shouldn’t go unnoticed! Your fiancée, boy/girlfriend, hubby and bae for lack of a better word might have all the above in check so taking them for a hip hop related event before the year ends would be more than enough. It will be an experience and make it dramatic by surprising them.

And as a bonus get them a trendy Snapback/Cap!

Well those are some of the gifts we think you could get for your friends, loved ones, family and beyond. Do you think we have left out a gift that is Hip Hop inspired that you wish to give your loved ones? Please leave a comment in the comment section.


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