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Baala Life maybe one of those collaborations many would dream of living to listen too. It is finally here. Big Sam Yiga finally releases another single off his forthcoming album Tutambula N’abitambula. Big Sam a legendary rapper one of the founders of Abana Beka camp teams up with the youthful Pryce Teeba to talk about the intoxicating nature of life narrowed in a metaphor – Baala Life (Bar life).

Baala Life is produced by Port Bell Drive’s in house producer Nase Avatar who has built an audience for producing outstanding tracks the past two years. Big Sam and Pryce Teeba support each other on the hook and deliver vivid lyrics detailing the life supposed called stress free.

Baala Life is an anthem for party animals and positive minded folks who would rather have fun than hate. They rap on a very laid back and sloppy beat highly polarizing sound: compared to the usual trap and up beat Pryce Teeba  and Big Sam sound respectively.

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