Bantu Clan goes Sensual with new ‘Body To Body’

Bantu Clan goes Sensual with new ‘Body To Body’

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In a few words Bantu clan describe their latest single as: [that ] kind of song that will keep you on the dance flow [grooving] to the sweet sensual seductive groove under the dim lights cheek-to-cheek, palm-to-palm, chest-to-chest and toe-to-toe. We agree more upon listening to it.

Body To Body is move away from the usual or founding revolutionary and ideological Bantu Clan days. Honestly, ever since Dance With me – we are liking this approach though!

Body To Body is a latest addition to that sensual music play-lists – no doubt.  Kendie Kudzie  offers her vocal crisp on the hook and back up vocals.  Buka Chimey has definitely mastered the art of deviating from his usual delivery, he made an effort to move from his effort to create that intended, sleazy but sensual vibe.

One by one makes a bundle / And two by two get to cuddle – Spits Buka Chimey

Bantu Clan still maintains their band music approach; Buko Bright is the brain behind the guitar. Rasto Pon D’ Beats / Rasto Pro did produce and master Body To Body at Bantu Productions.

Kendie re-purposes Tinashe’s  2 On   line :  “Just give me the drink” to “Just give me the beat“.  Chimey does re-purpose Drake’s One dance with “I need a one dance/ Chana kiwala nze pa“. They reference the two tracks just to emphasise the intimacy these activities (dancing, rabadabbing)   would create.  They spit and  sing from Swahili, English and Luganda and a little Lusoga.

This is diversity Man!  We definitely have a groove alert!

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