Is Baru working on a new project with Delboy? – here is our guess

Is Baru working on a new project with Delboy? – here is our guess

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It has been quite a while since we received a Baru directed project like Redefinition and Young King. The Young King, hasn’t yet worked on a full length ever since the two projects mentioned above – not to forget his production work on Kambajulire.

A wave of uncertainty surrounds the industry in this first age (tech edge) and anything can always happen. Sometimes you Ask The Door Man  if you have to, just to be let in. That said, Delboy apparently is an artist with a mystery yet to be solved.

If  you’re short  ask the door man

The lean voiced and somewhat sleazy rapper-singer has made a remarkable appearance on tracks like Nvuga Kampala Remix, and the quoted Ask The Door Man. He has also offered supporting ad-libs and vocals to fellow Dustville artist, Pryce Teeba on Bobi Wine.


When you check Baru and Delboy’s social media accounts they are all blacked out (adjective) – they turned black. The current profile pictures are all black.  The first question upon noticing this unusual and cryptic move was – Are they mourning the deceased   lyricist, Moses Radio?  Then – are they on some all black lives matter talk?

Baru hasn’t been this cryptic for a while (but his daily twitter is often a cryptic TL) and Delboy lyrically speaking is cryptic –ish – because of the metaphoric references.

Our possible guess is something is happening and we need to know it. If Pryce Teeba, Patrobas and the rest of Dustville followed suit, turned their profile  black then; we would say it is a collective action.


According to Delboy’s Tweets;  a wave is coming and the tides are about to shift.


It is possible;

  • Baru and Delboy have a project together whose title may be is; All Black Profile
  • Baru and Delboy are now  pushing forward Pan-Africanist views like AJO
  • Baru and Delboy are leaving Dustville (God Forbid this assertion!)

We are still working towards deciphering this highly cryptic revelation that we may take lightly or leave to go unnoticed.

By publication time; Baru neither DelBoy had responded with a more comprehensive comment.

We don’t like to poke our noses so much but in this first world we need to keep you in the loop right-on-time. If Baru and Delboy have a project coming we need to know right? So someone tweet @IamBaru and @DelBoyOfficial a line with the Hash tag : #WhatsTheBlackaBout.

Tell us what you think is going on in the comment section:

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