Benny Black’s W.Y.K. invites us to talk about Depression – We should be proud

Benny Black’s W.Y.K. invites us to talk about Depression – We should be proud

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Other than the rap shit, what do you know about me? – if that particular line doesn’t pierce your back then your spine needs checking. W.Y.K (What You Know) is a sort of tribute song, reactionary artistry and a call to talk about depression.

First off, we  (NuveyLive) are proud of Benny Black for talking about depression. Early this year we had our inaugural event to promote mental health and talk about poetry and music inspired therapy – for those who cam through we still appreciate you.  Unexpectedly the turn up was impressive and we considered doing it again.

Life might be  a gift to you, but to me the shit’s a curse

Legendary Sylvester made an effort to give a talk and UG Bloc offered us Josh to offer his views. Artists like Payne Keelah, Shirley May, Shemy B, Kijamah, Devis The Poet shared the initiative and performed. To us depression is a real thing. When I came up with the event, I was at a post-depressive state.

Munch! Sip! And Rhyme! For Mental Health & Arts Inspired Therapy

Benny Black is one of those eloquent, skilled emcees we have seen grow from the Natural Selection Benny to the current Cookie and W.Y.K. , Black.

W.Y.K. , what we know is inspired by the passing of rapper Lil Peep – who passed recently and according to reports it’s related to depression.  On the other side Benny offers us an insight to a certain state of mind he has been in before. Depression is the devil living amongst us and Benny asks us: Other than the rap sh*t what do you know about him.

Whathu  know  about the depression I deal with on a daily?

Well we know he has been depressed before and he went on an almost destructive route. He deals with depression daily or rather used to.

Depression + No answers = suicidal thoughts or suicide.

Music can be an outlet to deal with these kinds of pathos. Many an artist have different reasons why they make / made music. The pressure sometimes we offer them, the fame, the groupies and circles they hang around can often times lead them to choose pain just to please us (fans, peers, family and more).

I wanna make you happy, so I learn to entertain / To give you all, the only thing I can not obtain

I stalked Benny’s Twitter TL and noticed the different reactions and this particular one below cut it:

And that we hope to do with Munch Sip and Rhyme next year S/O Shandie

And this is why this track was made:

Besides all things we talk about like saucing, slaying, let us talk about DEPRESSION.

And hey next year we have an event just for that – the second of a kind: Munch Sip Rhyme!. If Benny is back home, or has time to talk further we will be glad.

Depression should be in the barber shop too!

Other than the rap SHIT, what do you know about Depression, share with us in the comment section.


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