Munch! Sip! And Rhyme! For Mental Health & Arts Inspired Therapy, Sobriety Line and other entities invite the general public and the NuveyLive community to Munch! Sip! And Rhyme! – A snack drinks and rhyme inspired evening. We are inviting you to come create one rhythm for mental health awareness and therapy outreach through arts.

We are continuing the conversation of promoting mental health, therapy through music and poetry alongside other arts.
On 1st April 2017 we had the first ever event dubbed Therapeutic Purpose of Poetry and Music. As part of the resolutions and insights we aim at continuing the conversation to promote mental health.

Munch! Sip! And Rhyme! ; is a sequential initiative aimed at fundraising and generating resources that can enable people of all walks of life to utilize arts as a form of therapy, to facilitate workshops and studies on therapy for our communities.
More still, we aim at studying trauma aesthetics and promoting it as a way for people to cope by creating or consuming the art.

Check out previous event: TPPM.

PICTORIAL: TPPM Event Highlights; Sylvester, Rugged, Payne Keelah, Josh & more

The event will have artist, their fans; eating and sipping various beverages and snacks. Each shilling generated goes to supporting this initiative. Also interested persons; besides poets and artists are welcome to register to mime or acapella for mental health promotion. 

  •  To participate as a performer one will register.
  • Donations will be welcome in any form.

Tell a friend to tell a friend’s friends.

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Munch Sip Rhyme tickets available below:

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