Hip Hop Boot Camp Vol 5

Hip Hop Boot Camp Vol 5 is officially out.

The Youth and Hip Hop initiative that sees rappers who apply to participate in the yearly Hip Hop Boot Camp has introduced and reintroduced various rappers over years.

Volume 5 of the Hip Hop Boot camp is here. Normally every after the learning process (which includes equipping artists) a project like this is arrived at as  away of putting in practice and appreciating the initiative.

This year’s Volume features guest verses from Byg Ben, Mc Wang Jok who are all beneficiaries of the Youth and Hip Hop program. This year’s vetting had Kijanah,  Recho Rey,  Pyramid MC,  Mas Kukuche,Joanitah Jjackson,  Preacher MC IT, Shasta Pee, Shakirah MC,  Revlation, Frankie, Rama Da Preacher, Stoner Montana and Elly B’ness

Hip Hop Boot Camp Vol 5 similar to the previous sets has the artists explore a number of social issues and put to use the medium to communicate to society.

Listen below:

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