Kijanah teams up with Brooks & Alikaliba on ‘Eggwanga’ to voice concern for UG

Kijanah teams up with Brooks & Alikaliba on ‘Eggwanga’ to voice concern for UG

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One of the  sampled voices simply invites you into these three rappers’ plea and plight.  ‘Eggwanga Lyaffe‘ says the voice which loosely translates to: ‘the country is ours’

Kijanah is a budding rapper who is passionate about making trap inspired sounds about having a good time but due to the current political atmosphere in UG – he teamed up with Brooks Aftermath and Alikaliba.

Eggwanga is a reaction, reflection and commentary of what the rappers feel. Kijanah comes with the WHY stance, Brooks the What happened stance and Alikaliba offers the Pessimistic but critical stance. Alikaliba eve tackle the rarely touched topic; gender equality.

Omukazi okufuna omulimu baa’mala mujamu mpale [For a woman to get a job she must first undress ] raps Alikaliba

If you are in UG the most popular news story has been whether article 102(b) should be amended and the like. So much controversy, riots, opinions and heroes have emerged with it.

Nase Avatar thoughtfully;   samples different riots to build up the spirit of this consciously charged track. If Kijanah stayed away from his usual Trap sound to voice his concerns means it is an outcome of passion for the country.  Brooks is well-known for the soulful hip hop sound and on this track  he is comfortable. Alikaliba offers pessimistic and yet eye-opening bars.

Listen / Download below:

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