HOT & NEW: ‘Clique’ – Rodney x Ruyonga, this is Higher power Turn up!

HOT & NEW: ‘Clique’ – Rodney x Ruyonga, this is Higher power Turn up!

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Rodney also pronounced as /:radney/ is a budding and vibrant Christian hip hop artist under the Hidden Empire outfit; he has teamed up with  mentor and inspiration, Ruyonga for this new joint – Clique. Rodney had a fairly interesting 2016 with ear remarkable tracks like TBT, Extraordinary and other collaborations.

Happy Birth Day Rodney, now Rad Ney – this release is a major Stunt!

I never knew Christians know about 808’s – Rodney raps

A clique literally means “a narrow exclusive circle or group of persons; especially : one held together by common interests, views, or purposes” – Merriam Webster Without saying, this song appraises the Clique in God and encourages everyone to join it with the positive  living in it.

Clique is a high spirited song, inspired by the 808, electronic dance and dense baseline. Rodney and Ruyonga talk about the clique in Christ as they make reference to the people around them (Hidden Empire, Christ and Beyond). One can interpret as a positive energy in Christ and who you keep around you. Being proud Christians this definitely pushes forward as their underlined message.

Barna lend me your Grip – Ruuu raps

Clique is produced at Titanium Rekords by Gamit/ Joe Beats. He packs it with a touch of turning up, dance-able and catchy sounds enticing grooves and shuffles.

PS: your DJ needs this high power turn up music and leave a comment on what you think of Clique in the comment section.


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