CODE / @TimothyCode responds to Tucker on #HITS ‘Hands in The Stadium 2.0’ We think he’s “Just getting Warmed up”

When Benny Black did his thing we expected a response ASAP and Tucker came through with Calm Before The Storm. His response sounded like real beef, wait it is! This morning i woke up to a download link from Timothy CODE of his new track, or response to Tucker HD titled Hands in The Stadium 2.0 ( H.I.T.S). This beef thing has now become productive to the two parties for they have a point to prove lyrically, being among the best known under 25.

Just Getting Warmed Up, Owayeeeee
Singing The Streets, Owayeeeee
Killing Dope Beats, Owayeeeee Owayeeeee Owayeeeee

CODE opens up H.I.T.S with a biblical verse in his intro: “The First to Speak in Court sounds Right Until Cross Examination Begins…”- Proverbs 18:17  The lawyer rapper prepares us on this one step by step sounding  surprised, and less moved by the performance of Tucker on CBTS

“Under 25, Man/ You Can Do Better”

Not say much Shall let the music speak for it self naye the approach code has here is amazing as he sings his hook and delivers. He surely did sound  Calm actually like there is no storm coming. His profile having been narrowed in a verse he does the same to his new-found nemesis, Tucker HD even though the spitting is in rhetoric, with compact warnings and crown owning bars  beef just got serious and yet i wonder if CODE was even pissed off he sounds like he is chilling mpozi he is getting warmed up Owaaye!!!!! Hoping it doesn’t go beyond the creative concerns.

So Next Time, Don’t Come Around with That Foolishness
Do Your Own Collabos, Try and Keep My Name Out of It

Lyrics Credit: The Tribe Ug 



Written By: Ayella NuveySHAWN

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