Premiere: Cookie – Benny Black (@Blixxack)

Premiere: Cookie – Benny Black (@Blixxack)

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Have you ever wondered about the dumb things you have done and why? It so happens Benny Black aka Blixxack is reminding us of the dumb things we do for that Coookie. This song’s title gets you thinking of what he actually meant.

Cookie for some may mean money, or a female’s genitalia. In other words the prize of a cookie (one edible) is equated to cookie (female genitalia). So, men do  all sorts of things just to sleep with a woman. This  line he spits confirms the reading we made: Other nggs drop out for that cookie
Soon as their babies pop out of the cookie.

The track explores the things people do to obtain a specific person, thing or status. These include lying about one is. As the hook goes:

We do dumb things for it
We become things for it
Just to have a taste
Of that cookie

Self actualisation and second thoughts is all that immediately is rendered to the ear. The track is a laid back one with percussion drums and a dirty bass creating that nostalgic 90’s blues with rap. The trumpet and synths make Cookie equatable to a film soundtrack and has a dramatic feel.

Benny Black varies his approach from the usual; and we certainly know there is more to come with a twist. Cookie is that track to bring the blues on a Monday for you in case it was turning black. (pun intended)

So likely after listening to this joint you might want some Cookie  or not – rethink before you make any decision FAM!

Listen / Download below:

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