Dancehall Kifeesi – Llyboc, don’t sleep on this joint!

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Truth be- told you are the dance hall Kifeesi – raps Llyboc

Ever since 2015 or a little earlier; Llyboc has been in some peoples’ bad books. The outspoken and vocal rapper is known for name dropping and checking rappers and renowned personalities. He often does with a certain level of lyrical profanity backed by opinion meant to offer his critic of especially UG hip hop.

Dancehall Kifeesi is far from the Llyboc you know or thought you do know. Overly talented is Llyboc and if not he should bubble with this new song.

Dancehall Kifeesi is a perfect escape from industry politics from Llyboc. It is obvious the track sounds like an experimental project but don’t make the statement fool you. He sounds uniquely amazing. If Llyboc pursues a couple of cross over tracks like this; we certainly might want to become dancehall Kifeesi.

Llyboc, if not mistaken is the most cryptic rapper in UG hip hop – Dancehall Kifeesi is a play on the words Kifeesi and Dancehall. Kifeesi -being a notorious group that terrorizes people in Kampala and near towns.

Dance for you/ Lick them lips/ boy take it all in, this ain’t Photoshop – sings Poison

For this track; he is in praise of a lady who is notorious on the dancehall. Like in the sense bad is the new good. If your girl sends you Photoshoped videos of her raving, this track is the soundtrack for girls willing to dance for their loved one with no faking.

Poison sings the hook on the track laced around hip hop, EDM, Afro beat and synthetic music inspired sonic. The track is produced at Dizzy Dust.

There is club banger potential for this song; there is really no reason to sleep on it. This is best of two worlds: Lyrical Llyboc mixed with have fun Llyboc featuring the soothing Poison vocals.

It is one way to find out right?

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